11 Apr 2013

{13 things}

Ready for another round of randomness?  Here we go!

1. This is usually the first thing that I hear/see when I come down the stairs in the morning.  If Mr. Swell is the first one up, Diefenbaker will just keep sleeping, but as soon as he hears me coming down the stairs he gets ready to start his shake/stretch routine.  (You'll have to click through to see the video if you are reading in email).

Every day...guaranteed.

2. These house numbers from Back Bay Pottery are so cute.  We have no room on our current house for cute numbers (i.e. we have a miniscule little area on our front porch to attach numbers), but I am saving these ones in the back of my brain for when we move.

3. I feel like so many plans we had for this year are being postponed/changed because of other things that are happening in our lives.  I'm trying really hard to stay positive and take it all one day at a time.  I'm working on a post to explain it all, but it's taking me a while to compose it the way I want.

This quote helps.  Thank you Marilyn.


4. ZIB Textiles makes these leggings for adults, but I'll be honest in that I know I don't have enough confidence to pull them off.  My little one, however, can totally rock some crazy antelope (is that what they are??) leggings.  The question now though is do I splurge on them now, or wait until she is a little bigger and less prone to slopping spaghetti sauce all over her lap.

5. Do you ever go back and look through your Pinterest boards?  Sometimes I feel like I am a pinning fool just pinning every image that I find beautiful/interesting/calls my name, but when I went back through my house ideas board recently I was happy to discover that I am actually pinning images that mostly fall within the same aesthetic. It makes me feel a little more assured in my design choices....maybe I do actually have a style (a question that I sometimes can't answer....).

6. I've migrated all of the blogs I read daily from Google Reader to Bloglovin'.  I hated that Reader was going away, but am pleasantly surprised with how much I like Bloglovin'.  I read blogs using the 'frame' view, which allows me to see the full site and comment on posts all within Bloglovin'.  If you read multiple blogs and haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend giving it a try.  And if you are so inclined, you can follow A Swell Place to Dwell here

7. This tea infuser makes me laugh.  Maybe tea would be so much more glamorous (or weird???) if it was in this guy instead of in plain old bags.  "Throw some tea in your trousers" - ha!
8. Have you had a chance to check out the new site Blogger Homes (by Shannon and Dean who also write AKA Design)?  It's a fun site where you can view blogger's homes by room, by blogger or by style.  It's set up in a gallery format, so it feels much like Pinterest or Craftgawker.  Each post on Blogger Homes links back to the original post.  Check it out if you are looking for some inspiration. 

9. I am in love with the song Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Philips.  Have you heard it?  Since we don't have cable I had no idea that he was American Idol - I think that's a good thing.

10. Someone is lookin' at you.....

Diefenbaker looking out

11.  I feel like this is turning into Diefenbaker's 13 things...he is such a photo bomber, because he's in the photo below too.  (mostly he's just too big for me to move so if he's there he is staying).  

I haven't been happy with the living room picture on our home tour page for quite some time now.  It was taken before I had my DSLR camera and it was just so dark.  I've updated it now.  Here's how our living room looks today.

Brown & Grey Living Room at www.aswellplacetodwell.com

12.  On a side note.....do you think I should trim the bottom of Fergus (our Fiddle Leaf Fig, of course!)?  In case you aren't familiar with him, he's the giant green plant in the pic above.  I've seen quite a few figs that look more tree-like than Fergus, and I kind of like it.  I asked Mr. Swell his opinion and he told me to leave him alone....he said a plant grows how it wants.  Maybe he has a point?

13.  I really want Chocolate Covered Katie to be my next door neighbour (instead of the guy who plays his electric guitar too loud).  I've already raved on about her Chocolate Cauliflower Cake and the Copycat Wendy's Vanilla Frosty, and now we are in love with the Chocolate Fudge Pops.  Fin loves eating snow, which totally grosses me out, so I satisfy her need for cold with these.  She loves them. 

I know it's only Thursday, but what are you up to this weekend?  Any exciting plans?  Let's share.....


  1. this is so fun! i always love random posts. and i wake up to very similar sounds.... the shake out, the stretch except we have hounds so the stretch is accompanied by loud hound noises!!!!
    and yes, i would love to live next to chocolate covered katie instead of the drummer. :) yep.

  2. I am so glad you pointed me towards BlogLovin! It's so cool. I tried Feedly, but don't like the format, at all.

    1. I tried Feedly and didn't love it either, which is why I switched to Bloglovin'. I hope you like it - I really like that when someone reads your post within Bloglovin' it counts as a page view, which is good for everyone!

  3. Thanks so much for the mention of our new site, Blogger Homes! Great post, btw.

  4. ok, I'm loving so many things about this post. Your dog, Mr. Tea (hilarious) and how sweet to have blogger homes all in one place for me to gawk at! Perfection! On another note...I am so sorry things are not going the way you maybe thought or hoped they would...hate that for you...but I think Marilyn is right. Sometimes to get to the "even better than we imagined" stuff we have to trek through the mud. I hope you will soon get to the GREAT stuff and that it will be better than you imagined. ;) Jesse @ Scout & Nimble (ps...your dragon is on its way) ;)

    1. Thanks Jesse. Things will be ok, it's just always hard adjusting when you had your brain ready to go in one direction and now you need to reassess. I am a planner, so when plans fall apart I have a hard time. Love your trekking through the mud analogy - sounds like it will give me some stronger legs!

  5. You should totally wear the leggings. I've been shopping for a fiddle leaf fig for sweet forever and still haven't found one. If yours goes missing, I don't know anything about it.

    1. You'd have to come WAY up north to steal it :) Have you tried The Home Depot? I think ours has them sometimes.

  6. My pup Ziggy does the same thing I call it his morning yoga. He gets into downward dog and then arches up and shakes from head to tail. He used to do it one leg at a time...

    1. Too cute! One leg at a time would be hilarious!

  7. hah! i don't even drink tea, but i think i might start if i had a guy hanging out in my cup like that!

  8. Oh Mr Tea is so cute!! I wanted to stop by and let you know that I have awarded you the Liebster Award from one blogger to another. Please stop by my blog for the details http://completepackagemama.com/liebster-award/

  9. I love your dog video, he is getting in his morning yoga, lol


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