3 Apr 2013

Antique Window Art

When I was a kid we had a cabin that we went to every weekend in the summer.  It was an old tiny little 2 room cabin that had an attached sunroom, which was turned into my room.  When I moved out to go to university my parents decided that it was finally time to move out of the city.  They spent years planning the perfect house, and when they were ready, they tore down the old cabin and built a beautiful new house on the same land. 

Before tearing down the cabin my Mom took the time to remove all of the doors and windows.  She hauled them around for years through a few more moves.  A few years ago, I asked if I could have 2 of the windows and she happily obliged.  

The windows hung in our kitchen for a while (prior to the makeover last summer), and I converted one of the windows my Mom still had into a chalkboard/memo board for my Mom's office.  Since I took the 2 down from our kitchen I've had them in the basement just waiting for a new place to go. 

I wanted to use them in our basement bathroom, but the space is small and dark and needs more colour than just white windows.  I figured there must be a way to brighten them up without loosing all that authentic chippiness (and it is totally authentic - no messing around on my part).

I dug around in my frame/poster closet and found 2 old posters that we no longer had hanging up.  The colours happened to be exactly what I was going for.  I think the posters were originally from Ikea (like 10 years ago or so... hoarder....).

old windows and 2 old ikea posters

I laid the posters out on the floor and measured them each out into quarters.

Cutting poster

Since staring at white paper isn't very exciting I figured I'd add some visual interest with Diefenbaker.....he is always the start of the show anyhow.  

I used the T-square to mark my lines and then just used scissors to cut  each poster into 4.  Since the raw edges were going to be hidden by the window cross bars, cutting perfection wasn't required.

poster cut into quarters

Once I had my 4 pieces I then used tape to attach each piece to the back of the widow.  It took a little finagling to get each one in the right spot so that it didn't look wonky with the cross bar.   

I should mention that my posters weren't big enough to cover the whole back of the window without cutting.  If they had been big enough then I probably would have just tapped the whole thing down in one piece.

Once I had everything taped down my 2 windows looked much happier and brighter.

Antique Window Art

One of my windows was missing a pane of glass.  I decided to leave that pane empty instead of taping the picture in there without any glass in front.   I am usually obsessive about symmetry, but for some reason that one window just looked better to me with one bare pane.

Turn an antique window into art using an old poster.  www.aswellplacetodwell.com

I love the one with the man and his flowers.  I wish someone would deliver flowers to me on a beautiful turquoise river and an old wooden boat.  A girl can dream, right?  I won't complain....Mr. Swell does quite well with flowers (he knows not to buy them at the grocery store!).

Each window has 2 sawtooth hooks on the back, so they just hang on the wall with 2 nails each.

old posters behind antique windows.

I love how they look against the dark gray (BM Trout Gray) in the bathroom.

Antique windows in the bathroom

Yup, the bathroom is so small that I had to stand in the hallway to fit them both in the picture!

Put old posters behind antique windows for unique art.  www.aswellplacetodwell.com

Project 1 for the basement bathroom is complete!  The best part.....$0....FREE.  Love that.  Sometimes my hoarding tendencies really pay off!

So tell me, am I the only one who hoards windows?  Anyone else have windows and doors hanging around?


  1. I have a thing for old doors. Maybe windows are next? I love this idea.

    1. Yes, windows should be next! I really want some old doors too for the backyard. What have you done with yours?

  2. I LOVE the way this looks - what an awesome idea - thanks!

  3. Great idea Kelly and they look very pretty on the wall.
    Windows and doors are one thing that I don't hoard, LOL

    1. hahaha - well we each have our own things that we like to hoard, right?

  4. I have to say - I think the window frame with the person paddling the boat full of flowers is my favorite. And I love how Difenbaker makes regular appearances while you're crafting away. :)

    I feel like I've sort of fallen off of the face of the Earth lately - been trying to keep up, but not able to always read & comment.

    But I've been enjoying reading even if I haven't let you know in writing.

    1. Diefenbaker is always right by my side, so it's hard to NOT get him in pictures! I wondered where you had gone....glad you are still around :)

  5. What a fabulous idea and they turned out beautiful!


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