17 May 2013

{13 Things}

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1.  I feel like I have been lacking on the DIY lately.  Hopefully you guys are cool with a little DIY break.  I have a bunch of things in the works, just nothing quite finished.  May seems to be flying by faster than I can keep up.

2. Which brings me to my next point...the basement bathroom.  I promised you a reveal, didn't I?  Ack. Close...so, so, so close.  All I have left to tackle is the mirror above the sink issue (it's totally not centred).

3. Let's ponder it over this, shall we?

It's Summer Squeeze Grapefruit Ale by Alley Kat Brewing Company.  Alley Kat is a local brewery and we are regular (if once every couple of weeks counts as regular!) drinkers of the ApriKat, but this grapefruit is perfect for summer.   (this pic is pre-deck sanding....obviously...)

4. Target opened in Alberta last week!!! I know you Americans are rolling your eyes because it's OLD news to you, but seriously, this is a big deal for us.  We needed coffee cream the day it opened so I decided to check it out....to buy cream....was I insane?  The line up to pay was about 40 people deep and the cream was not worth it. 

Hot pink gnome - I was seriously tempted!  (Julia - the white one sort of looks like your kitchen gnome, doesn't it?)

5. I saw these Jelly Fish Air Plants on Yellow Brick Home this week and fell in love.  They are from Petite Beast on Etsy (and are totally affordable). Unfortunately they don't ship to Canada.  Not to worry though...I smell a DIY.

6. While we are talking Etsy....this is amazing.  Don't you want one?

7.  I downloaded the RunKeeper app a few weeks ago and it's my new best friend!  It records all of my runs, tells me distance, elevation, time, etc.  The best part is that it lets you take a picture and store it with your run data.   

My runs from this week:

Does anyone else have favorite running apps?

8.  My new favorite song to keep me motivated (which usually happens right around kilometer 4) is Serena Ryder - What I wouldn't do.  Love it.  (On a side note, have you heard Sleeping at Last's remake of 500 miles?  It's a slow song, so not so good for running, but it's ah-freaking-mazing.)

9.  I bought this buffet at a garage sale a few weeks ago.  It was a total steal.  I am still undecided on colour.  Any suggestions? I plan on selling it.

10. Chris wrote about his method for roasting potatoes.  As a potato lover, it has changed my life.  

11.  We bought a new laptop so that I didn't have to sit in the basement all the time when I'm on the computer. That sounds sort of wimpy, doesn't it?  I guess it sort of is.  With spring finally arriving I wasn't digging spending hours on end (I work from home some days) in our dark cold basement.  I am in love with our Mac, but we couldn't justify spending the money on a MacBook for a second computer.  We bought a HP that was a pretty decent deal.  BUT...what the heck is the deal with Windows 8?  It's enough to make me want to pull my hair out.  Has anyone else had to deal with it? Tell me that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Right now every time I seem to move my thumb against the track pad (which apparently I do A LOT), it switches from the internet to the email.  Annoying.

12.   The flooring is going into the rental house this week.  ya hoo!  We are hoping to get down there on Monday, so I will make sure to take some pictures.

13.  Lastly, I want to take a moment to say a huge thank you for all of your support of The Week's End posts.  I am really loving having a day every week to share my photos with you, and am so happy that you are digging it.  I have officially turned into a mamarazzi, and I am sure it's driving my family nuts, but I am just loving everything that I am learning and that I am able to capture our daily life in an authentic but still (somewhat) polished way. 

In case you want to learn more too, I will tell you that I have found Clickin Moms to be the most useful site in learning all about photography.  It's an online forum that is packed with tutorials and others who are willing to help.  It does cost a small fee to join, but is honestly the best money I have spent in a long time.  The advice is so down to earth and doesn't tend to hurt my brain too much.  (p.s. their blog is really good too!).

I have committed to taking a photo a day for May.  It's definitely challenging me, but I am really looking forward to having a full stack of photos at the end of the month that capture our memories.  

Have a great weekend!  I'll be back with The Week's End on Sunday and then some actual DIY stuff next week....


  1. Great post! For the credenza - white with dipped legs? I dont know if that style appeals to you?

    1. Dipped legs...thats a good idea! I was thinking of painting the moulding a different colour, but hadnt thought of the legs. And yes, I am leaning towards white, but that means I have to go and buy more paint....and since I have about 4 full gallons of paint in other colours I am sort of trying to resist buying MORE! Thanks for the comment. Have a great weekend.

  2. These 13 things are amazing. I cant even begin to think where to comment. 1. I want to try pink grapefruit ale- yum! 2. If that credenza were for me, I would paint it navy or royal blue. Or green apple green. What an amazing find! 3. A cover for 500 miles? Yes, please! 4. Once you go Mac, its hard to ever go back. Sorry to hear about Windows 8! 5. Love the photo a day project, it will be a totally great memory at the end of the month.

    Happy weekend!! xoxo

    1. Stacey, I have a feeling that particular grapefruit ale is only available in Canada, but I bet there are other breweries who are making it. For the credenza I am torn between white and navy. I already have navy, and white I would have to buy....touch decisions! Or maybe a combo??? And you definitely have to download that 500 miles cover. I actually heard it on Greys Anatomy for the first time and went on a hunt to figure out who sang it. Its fantastic!
      Enjoy your weekend. Thanks for the comment!

  3. For your roasted potatoes, I do the same but add a sprinkle of dried oregano and parmesan cheese. Even my picky eater requests these spuds. I enjoy reading your blog, Kelly.

    1. YUM! Parmesan on them would be delicious. Thanks so much for the comment!

  4. I spent 20 minutes in our new Target and spent $200. One dollar for every minute - I need to stay away... far away. LOL

  5. The grapefruit ale sounds like the perfect summer drink. Im going to have to look for a similar product around here. Target is an evil place. You go in for something simple and walk out with $300 worth of new tzotchke, none of which cost more than $15 individually. Water damage Vancouver


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