3 May 2013

Circle It!

Since I finished the kitchen last fall, there has been something bugging me.  It was this:

kitchen before

Don't get me wrong, I liked it, but I just never really loved it in that particular space.  The more we lived with it the more we bumped it.  Almost every time we pulled Fin's chair out from the table we'd bump the big frame and it would move.  Crooked.  All. The. Time.  You want to know how to drive me nuts?  Just put a crooked frame in a place that I spend hours a day in.  It probably wouldn't have been so obvious except that it was frames within frames, so if one was off then everything looked wonky.

So, I took all of the frames off of the wall (hurray for Command Strips that don't leave marks) and hung up 2 brand spankin' new pictures.

new circle prints

The actual photos are ones that I took when we were in Greece a couple of years ago.  They had been sitting on the computer untouched, and I finally decided that instead of hiding them, we should enjoy the images of the place we loved so much.

Circle photo

Circle photo mykonos

I converted the pictures to black and white (in Lightroom) and then I used Pixlr to make the circle crop.  Pixlr is free and is a great alternative to Photoshop.  

I had two 16" x 20" frames that weren't being used, so I figured I'd work with what I had to save some pennies.  I sized the images so that the circle part would be centred in a 16" x 20" print with white space around it.  I ordered the prints from PosterJack.ca, which is an online photo printing company.  I waited a few weeks for a sale (20% off), so each print ended up being right around $10.  With the shipping (via FedEx, which was CRAZY fast) my total for both prints came just over $30.  I am totally happy with the quality, and they came packaged in a shipping tube so there was no chance of the prints bending.  (PosterJack.ca also prints on Acrylic which I would love to try one day....looks pretty cool!).

Once the prints arrived all I had to was pop them in the frames.  And try and keep a million dog hairs, dust particles, and my finger prints from showing on the white paper!  I sort of wished that I had some of those dorky white gloves like they use in galleries.)

It's taking me a while to get used to not having so much on that wall, but I am happy to have that big frame out of the way.  So far we haven't bumped into these new frames at all.  (Except for when I bumped it right after hanging it and one frame fell and busted the corner.  Just ignore that, ok?  I have to figure out a farmer's fix for it still.)

Greece Prints

But I do really like how the white and silver matches the cream can on the other side of the dining nook.

A Swell Place to Dwell - The Kitchen

My plan down the road is to paint the frames.  I think that a bright coloured frame will look great with the black and white.  Or maybe I will splurge and buy new frames since these cheapy ones are starting to show their age.  Either way, I don't think I will make any decisions until we move into a new house (which we are still hoping will be in the fall).  I also still really like the big frame that was up there before, so I  need to find a new home for it (still within our home...).

Greek Man Circle Photo

I'll work on a tutorial on how to use Pixlr to make the circle crop and centre it, etc in case any of you are interested in doing the same sort of print for your wall(s).

Kitchen @ A Swell Place to Dwell

So tell me, do you also hide pictures of your vacations on your computer and hardly ever print them?  Has anyone else been to those windmills in Mykonos?  I LOVED them...could have stared at them for hours....


  1. Love, love, love the photos. I can't believe you didn't hang them up earlier! The circles are a nice touch too and I think painting the frames in a brighter color would be great too.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I hear you about the dog hair. I had the same problem when I was doing our gallery wall. I would hang a picture up only to see two extremely long Cooper hairs stuck inside the frame!?! I love the look of the circles here, too and I wish I could say that I've been to Greece... Maybe one of these days! ;) Jesse @ Scout & Nimble

    1. Oh I am sure you'll totally get there one of these days....I wish it wasn't so far as I'd love to go back, but I don't think it's in the near future! I am sure there are a few dog hairs still stuck in there but I finally just gave up....embrace imperfection, right?

  3. The new photos are beautiful! I love the circular crop :)


  4. They look amazing!! I've never been to Greece but have always wanted to go! Also...I think (as a new reader) this is the first time I've seen your kitchen. It's BEAUTIFUL! I love the way you've finished it. I realize my comment is jumping all over the place, but also... I think the frames would look great painted in colors.

    1. Thanks so much Stacey. Our kitchen was a labour of love. We painted the cabinets, re-tiled, built our table and the storage...it pretty much took us all of last summer.

  5. Love your pictures! It's great when you get to use trip photos around your home - so many memories!

  6. I like the circles; it makes the pictures unique and cool. I studies abroad in Greece in college. It was an amazing semester. We spent a weekend on Mykonos and I remember all the white houses but can't recall windmills, which is strange because they are so iconic to Mykonos!

    1. That's awesome - were you in Athens? We did one day in Athens, and honestly, it was enough for me. Santorini was by far my favourite. No wonder you missed the windmills in Mykonos since Mykonos Town is a total maze...we were lost so many times! Our only saving grace was that the windmills were on the way into town from our hotel, so it was hard to miss them! Thanks for the comment.

  7. The pictures look great there Kelly, I love the circles!!

  8. Greece, I'd say I'm envious [well, I am, a bit], but thanks for sharing so I can travel vicariously through your beautiful photos.

    I think the windmills are my favorite of the two!They're simply stunning.

    1. Thank you. I took those photos before I knew anything about photography, with our old point and shoot - I still can't believe that they turned out as good as they did! I can remember taking that one of the old man because we were sitting in a little cafe outside on Mykonos, i was 7 months pregnant, in jeans and it was sweltering. It was so hot that I felt like I was sitting in a puddle, so I had to get up and walk around...while walking I found the man.


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