19 May 2013

The Week's End - May 19, 2013



Black Globe Eggplant

Evening Walk

Kid was here




  1. Kelly, I am so glad you started this series; your photo taking skills are stellar.

    Happy Victoria Day weekend!

  2. YES, you know that I love looking at your photos. I wish you could teach me ;)

  3. So so pretty! You have such an eye...the help bath toy made me laugh. Im assuming you are shooting in manual mode...how did you learn? Practice or did you ever take a class? I look forward to these posts of yours!!! Jesse @ Scout & Nimble

    1. Thank you Jesse! I always feel so bad for those bath toys just abandoned at the end of the bath and left to wait for her to play with them until the next night. Yes, I shoot only in manual mode, which is so incredibly frustrating sometimes, but is getting easier the more I practice. I also edit in Lightroom, which is has made a huge difference in fixing my in-camera mistakes. As for courses, I did take a couple of classes through Shoot Fly Shoot last year, but most of what I have learnt lately has come from the Clickin Moms forums. I hope to one day take some courses through them, but for now the tutorials in the forums have been super helpful. Their blog is also really good (and free...).

    2. I thought I should also ad that clickin moms would have been overwhelming if I wasnt comfortable in manual mode first. Its a lot I talent and a lot of info, so being in manual mode for a couple of months helped me absorb the material.


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