13 Aug 2013

Bandana Flower: Guest Posting at Likes to Smile

Somehow in between shopping for a new washer & dryer combo, picking out flooring, and staring a bazillion paint chips, I managed to make a little craft last week!  I know, right? An actual craft! It feels like it's been ages since I've been able to just sit down and make something just for me.

Want to see how I made it? Pop on over to my friend Stacey's blog Likes to Smile to check it out.  Stacey had a really great idea to have 3 bloggers use the same materials (a bandana and embroidery thread) and each make their own unique project.  And, I am one of the lucky 3 who gets to share over at Likes to Smile.

If I survive the next 3 days (which are going to be totally insane), then I will be back Friday with a new post.  If not, then I will for sure be back with The Week's End on Sunday.  Have a great day!


  1. Oh so cute, will pop over!! Take care Kelly and dont work too hard!!

  2. Thanks so much for Guest Posting!! It is so exciting to have you on Likes to Smile today!!!

  3. so cute!!! and what a model you have!


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