10 Oct 2013

{13 Things}

It's been a while since the last 13 Things post, so I think we are due for another instalment of total randomness.
13 Things at ASwellPlacetoDwell.com


1. My Critter paint sprayer. It was love at first spray. I think it might just win as best tool of the year for me.  A full review will be coming, but I just had to express my love here first! I am a spraying fool...so watch out!

Critter Paint Sprayer - the BEST sprayer ever!!!

2. Urban Barn and their 50% off sale accents.  For my friends outside of Canada, you are missing out on Urban Barn and I am so, so, so sorry because you are going to hate me after you see these next 2 items.  Sometimes Urban Barn has the best sale - 50% off their already reduced accents.  You have to get there early or the good stuff is gone, but when it's a good deal, it's really, really good!

Case in point.

Wool felted rug

A 100% wool felted rug (4' x 6'). The store associate told me that this was a custom order rug...who knows why it was returned...I have no idea, and I don't care. The original price on it was $631 (yikes!). It was marked down to $80, and then it was 50% off!!!! I seriously felt like I was stealing it. Come to Mama....

3. Another 50% off sale items score.

Ceramic fruit bowl

I paid $10.40. It's just like the ones from Anthropologie that sell for $40+.  Love at first glance I tell ya. It's so perfect for fruit because it allows air to circulate.

Ceramic fruit bowl from Urban Barn

Ok, I am done bragging.

4. I owe you some results from the reader survey I did a few weeks back.  First off, thank you to all of you who participated. The feedback was helpful.  What I found most interesting is that you are a very polarized group! About half wanted more photography related posts and half wanted less.  I take that to mean that I will just keep doing what I am doing.  

5. Mr. Swell and I went to see Jake Owen & Jason Aldean last weekend. Any country fans out there? I think we are getting old as we thought it was really loud! (But it was a great concert!)

6. What do you think of velvet cushions? Do velvet and kids go together? Please help...I am torn. I need big cushions for our benches in the family room and as much as I really want velvet, I am worried I am going to regret it later.

7. Have you seen Hot Dog Legs? Hilarious. I pull it up whenever I need a good laugh.

8. I mentioned it last week, but I did get a new camera.  I am in the process of portfolio building (i.e. clients other than my own kid and husband), and my current camera wasn't cutting it inside. I researched my brains out and finally decided to get a gently used Nikon D700.  It's my second baby. It's love. Real, true, love.  (Sorry to those people from #4 above who want me to talk less about photography!).

9. Do you like broccoli? We love broccoli in our house. Fin will actually eat a whole head of broccoli on her own. If you like broccoli, I highly recommend this recipe. We don't eat meat, so this is a full meal in our house. It sounds crazy hippy-ish and way too healthy, but it's SO good. My only change is that I roast the broccoli first and then just toss it in the sauce (mostly because roasted broccoli is just better than steamed!).

10. I bought this shower curtain liner for our main bathroom.

Shower curtain liner with pockets - from Superstore

(Yes, I had to actually stand in the shower with my camera....water off)

It's life changing. It has mesh pockets sewn on the inside so you can store all of your shower goods. I found it at Superstore, and if I remember correctly it was around $10.  It's great to store shampoo, bath toys, razors, etc. What I love is that there are some pockets that are really high so we can put the things we don't want Fin to touch up in those high pockets instead of having to remove them from the tub each time she takes a bath.

Shower curtain liner with pockets - from Superstore

11. We ordered new windows for our upper level plus a new front door and sidelight. I can't wait. We've been waking up to fogged windows every morning...the 1979 windows are no longer cutting it! A while back I mentioned that our house is all double drywalled. At the time I thought it was just odd, but the longer we live here the more we are really scratching our heads as to why it was done. First, it's really hard to actually get a screw to reach the stud since it has to go through 2 layers of drywall. But second (and more importantly), it causes odd sized doorways.  Our front door cost extra because it was an odd thickness...because of the double drywall!!! Dumb.

12. Do you also have this experience after going to Ikea?

Real life people.

13. The Pumpkin Parade link up is coming up tomorrow...so don't forget to link up your pumpkin related projects. All of our posts will be live at 6 a.m. EST (4 a.m. MST...obviously I schedule!). We will be featuring a few of our favourites next week.

Randomness done. Have a great day!

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  1. Haha, I drive home from Ikea like that ALL the time :) and I really think I need a shower curtain liner like that.

  2. That shower curtain liner looks pretty sweet!
    I have never been to an Ikea. =[


    1. Oh no...that's so sad. Ikea and I are best friends...any place that sells ice cream and furniture together (and has special bathrooms for kids) is totally a winner in my books. I hope you can make it to one soon

  3. so much to comment on.... this was fun! i love that rug- steal!
    need to check out the recipe!
    love country music. :)
    and love velvet! we have velvet (they are shorter velvet if that makes sense) sofas in our living room and got them 2 years ago when we moved in... they have held up beautifully. my husband even sliced his finger and bled all over it and it came out. gross, i know, but you get the point. :)

  4. That shower curtain liner is genius! I had no idea they even made such things!

  5. I had a good chuckle or two over your list! I think I must be getting old too- hate loud loud music! And Urban Barn is one of my favorite shops too. I'll be back tomorrow for the pumpkin parade (just hope I remember now that I'm getting old)!

  6. I don't think you can ever regret velvet! But maybe you can....hmm...I used to have a velvet sofa, but that was pre kids. Well, I say you try it out and let me know ;)

  7. So much fun stuff! Love that you included the hot dog legs. Always good for a laugh. And great deals at Urban Barn. I love that store

    1. Isn't Urban Barn the best? I could browse in there every day.

  8. Oh, I haven't been to Urban Barn in ages! Now you've made me want to go. :) I'm looking forward to your paint sprayer review too - i love the concept of that sprayer.

  9. Every time we go to IKEA I think we have that exact same situation going on ;) xo Kristin

  10. Oh, so many bits of awesome in this post.

    1) I love Urban Barn. I have to keep myself out of there so I don't go crazy and buy stuff.
    2) I love that fruit basket
    3) That shower curtain liner is genius
    4) Ikea is always like that for me. I somehow manage to come home with a shelving unit when I really meant to buy the paper roll and some picture frames.

  11. That liner is too cool!

    And I need an Urban Barn in my life, clearly.

  12. Excellent list! I love random.


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