8 Nov 2013

Thank You & Bye Bye Trees

This is going to be a really quick post, but I just couldn't go into the weekend without saying a great big Thank You to all of you and your amazingly kind words on my Diefenbaker post.  You've proven to me that the internet can be a kind and wonderful place, and that even virtual friends can send you so much love that it's overwhelming.  One of my biggest fears about writing that post was the judgement, and I even went as far as to moderate comments in fear that someone would rip me apart....but the exact opposite happened.  So thanks...from the bottom of my heart.   

In complete other news, the giant cedar trees in the front of our house FINALLY came down on Wednesday.  We had booked it in August and then waited, and waited, and waited.....

When we bought our house it looked like this.

cedar trees

Now before you yell at me for cutting down trees, you have to know that they were WAY too close to the house.  They hit the house every time there was any wind, and it wasn't a good situation. Also, the previous owners had cut the gutters around the trees (DUMB!). They really needed to come out.

Here's what the house looks like now.

Ok, ok, I know it's not exactly the best comparison. Nice lush green trees vs. snow....but there wasn't much I could do about that! We are officially in winter around these parts.  My other problem is that it gets dark before 5 now, so to try and even get these pictures in a little bit of daylight after work was a challenge.  (It was basically dark when I took these....thanks camera for at least sort of making it look like daylight).

It's amazing what a difference removing the trees made to the look of the house! I also love actually being able to see out the living room window now.....although now we really have to get on fixing the no curtain situation. 

We are however left with this massive flower bed.  

What would you do with it? I am thinking some really big flowering bushes - like peonies or hydrangeas.  Something colourful but small enough that it won't block the window too much.  I guess I have about 6 months to think about it!

Have a great weekend! 


  1. yay! i know how they were bugging you and so oddly planted!

  2. I cant believe how deep into winter you are already. BRrrrrr! Glad the trees are gone :)
    And yes to flowering bushes.

  3. Flowering bushes would be so pretty there. xo Kristin

  4. Woah...snow!?! I knew you were getting a little, but ya...that looks like full blown winter! I cannot believe the previous owners cut the gutters out around them!?!? What??? So happy that you got them down!

  5. I love the idea of hydrangeas! Or tulips, or mums, or really any flower because theyre all pretty. =]

    [email protected]

    1. Thats true! I could just pack it full of tulips - that would be pretty.

  6. Yay - no more blocked view! And what a lovely weeping willow you have there in the after picture. That bark is gorgeous!

    Hydrangeas would be beautiful, I think there are even some dwarf varieties out there that would give you the seasonal color and fill the space in the planting bed, but not obstruct your view.

    Plus, hydrangeas do double duty as they make great dried arrangements too! :)

  7. Wow those were giant!! I bet that rooms gets so much more light now. We removed a tree for that reason at the last house. It was too tall for the space and the dining room was so dark because of it too. I dont know why trees like that are planted in such odd places.

  8. Peonies are gorgeous. Love them. You cant go wrong with rose bushes either (and theyre really hardy - theyre an easy keeper).

  9. Girl, I feel you. We had to have two trees in our backyard professionally removed over the summer. It was pricey, and sad. I HATE seeing trees go. But like you, they were way too close to the house. It was so dangerous. It gave me so much anxiety. It was such a relief once they were gone. Also, I LOVE peonies. They are so so beautiful.

    1. It IS pricey, isnt it? I am sure we got way too many quotes because I was being cheap.

  10. Thats fantastic. I hate when trees are too close and too big. But they are so little when you plant them, sometimes its hard to tell. I think some sort of flowery bush is a good plan. I wouldnt do peonies bc they bring ants. I HATE ANTS! But I cant wait to see what you choose!

  11. Some people just plain dont think about where they are planting trees. I hate that. We had to have our trees trimmed this year and it was a small fortune. Ryan decided to clean up everything himself to save money and oh.my.word that was a big job, too. I guess they are expensive for a reason.

  12. I had a crazy, crazy month and life has finally calmed down. Forgive me for spamming your blog comments, but Im so excited to read up on everything Ive missed out on -- it feels good to be back!

    Meanwhile..its amazing how much a tree can change a houses appearance! Oh my!

    Sending you my best!


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