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Hi! I'm Kelly, a nerdy DIYer who for some crazy reason decided to share my adventures with the world.  I work at an office job 4 days a week and I run around in my gym pants with my hair in a pony tail the other 3 days of the week.  Our house is not perfect (or even close to it), I'm lucky if I get a shower some days, and our garage looks like a bomb exploded.  I am known to redecorate a room on a whim, to have oatmeal (or banana pancakes) for dinner when my husband is out, and to stay up waaaay to late stalking sellers on Etsy.

I've been married to my Mr. Swell for 3 years.  He's calm, patient and quiet, so he's pretty much the exact opposite of me. Best of all though is that he puts up with all of my shenanigans and at least acts like he's ok with the kitchen table being covered in glitter, or yet another paint can sitting on the counter waiting to be cracked open, or being my go-to Kijiji furniture pick up man (because I am scared to go into people's houses of fear of running into an axe murderer).  He's also pretty good with a power tool, which makes me very happy. (He's partial to Milwaukee tools...in case you feel like buying him a gift...or if the good people from Milwaukee are reading this...hint hint.)  The fact that he is willing to sit on a random toilet that someone is giving away for free just makes me love him that much more.

In the summer of 2011 we welcomed Fin, our little girl, to our family.  She is very busy and keeps us hopping most of the time.  She's stubborn, fearless and absolutely hilarious.  The antics that she manages to come up with keep us laughing all day long.  I'm hoping that one day she will show some interest in crafting, but right now she's really just into eating crayons.

And just to make things a little more insane around here, we also have a very loveable 3 year old Great Dane named Diefenbaker (I know my fellow Canadians will get it).  He's totally neurotic and has licking issues, but seriously, how can you not love that face?  He also tolerates Hello Kitty stickers being mashed into his fur, so he's a definite keeper.

Really in the end though, we are just your average family.  We live in Alberta, Canada in a house that we are trying to make into one that we love, one DIY step at a time.  You can read all about our house on the "Where We Dwell" page.

So thanks for visiting, and please do stick around for a while (we may even have beer in the fridge for you...).

Oh ya, I also like to gab, so if you like to gab too you can find me on Facebook or drop me a line via email.  Gabbing together is always more fun!

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