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29 Jan 2013

Adventure Awaits! Refinished Wooden School Desk

I picked up this little wooden school desk off of Kijiji on New Years Eve.  I know it was New Years Eve because I said I wasn't going to buy any furniture until the new year, and I ended up breaking my own rule by 1 day.  I just couldn't resist!  I saw it for $15 and pounced on it (even though I really shouldn't have even been looking!).  I've seen these types of desks for $50, so $15 was a great deal. 

It is a small desk, which is just perfect for Fin.  She can climb up into it easily and sit there and do her colouring and stickering (ya, that's a word in our house).  

I left it sitting in our living room for a few weeks while I stewed over what to do with it.  It was in rough shape from many years of kid abuse, so I knew it was going to get a paint makeover but was stuck on the colour for quite a while.

Then I found this fabric.  

It's from Stash Modern Fabric, and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it.  It helped that it was a pretty great price ($10 for 1.25 yards, which is good for designer fabric).  I ordered the fabric not really knowing what I was going to do with it, except that I was going to use it on the desk. 

I contemplated  Mod Podging it onto the desk top, but eventually talked myself out of it because I was worried that marker would get on it and I wouldn't be able to wipe it clean. I also considered cutting out some of the elements and adding them to side of the desk, but honestly, that seemed like too much work.  While lamenting to my Mom one day, she suggested upholstering the seat.  I was hesitant at first, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

The seat had seen its fair share of jean rivets over the years, and some of the scratches were quite deep.  It would have taken a heck of a lot of sanding to get it nice and smooth, so upholstering solved the problem (and my arm...).

I took a lot of photos to show you the upholstering process, but in the end I sort of just winged it, so there isn't really much to tell. (and I am sure you can find better tutorials elsewhere)  I used a roll of cotton batting for the padding (foam was too expensive and I cheaped out, plus I was worried about cutting it along the curve).

I stapled 2 layers of batting around the whole seat, and then used another 2 layers just on the top.  Once the batting was on, I then cut the fabric and stapled it on to the back of the seat (I sure do love the staple gun!!!).  One tip is to make sure to cut away the fabric and the batting where the old screw holes are, or you will just end up with the screw stuck in the batting and it will rip the fabric (I know from experience).

**see how professional my corners look???  Clearly I could use a class or something.

As for the desk itself, I wanted it to look authentically old, so I didn't sand it too much.  I filled a big crack on the top with wood filler and then sanded the whole thing down by hand using 80 grit sandpaper.  I then went back over it all with a fine sanding block to smooth it all out from the rough sandpaper.

I primed it using Zinser 1-2-3 primer and then painted on 2 coats of yellow.  The colour is Cornbread by Martha Stewart - it's the same colour that I used for our little end table in the living room, and luckily it matched the fabric perfectly.  Since I didn't need much paint I just bought a little Behr sample pot from the Home Depot and had it colour matched. 

I ended up using my brush on this whole piece since the surface area was so small, and I decided that I didn't really mind the brush strokes with all of the nicks and dings.  

I went back over the edges with a fine sanding block to distress it.  I let some of the white primer poke through on purpose.  Because I used flat latex paint (that's all the sample pots come in), the yellow did change colour a bit where I sanded.  I knew this would happen, so I sort of just went with it.  I actually like the colour variation that it adds.

To finish it off I waxed the whole thing with paste wax - 2 coats on the top and 1 coat everywhere else.

Then I reattached the seat and brought it upstairs.  Fin was so excited.  She loves sitting in it and just grabbing her crayons and colouring books out of the side pocket.

It doesn't really have a home yet.  Right now it's sitting in our living room, and I don't actually mind it there since it matches the end table.  I think one day though it might move into the kitchen so that she can work away while I cook or clean (hardly seems fair...).

I am still a little worried that the seat fabric will get stained, but I have enough left over to probably reupholster the seat 2 more times....and by that time she will have probably outgrown the desk.  I should probably also spray it with a fabric guard, but I haven't been able to find our can of that yet....I know it's somewhere in the abyss of the basement....

I really do love how the pink and the yellow look together.  Glad that I went with yellow and not a full pink desk (which I was seriously contemplating).

I added a little chalkboard label to the side pocket.  It's removable, so it can always come off, or Fin can scribble on it with some chalk.

I know this post is about the desk, but aren't those shoes cute?  They kill me!  Little rocker shoes.  They were a Salvation Army find. $2!!!

I kept the original hardware, just cleaned it up in a little boiling water and baking soda mixture.  It came out sparkling but still old looking (if that's even possible...).

I've been scouring Kijiji for something new to refinish, but so far I haven't found anything.  I guess now I just get to focus on finishing the basement.  Yippie!  (heavy sarcasm)

p.s. new blog design coming up soon....please bear with me as I move a few elements around and install the new template over the next week or so.

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TDC Before and After

31 Oct 2012

Everything Etsy #3

I had so many things that I thought I'd be able to share with you by now, but it has just been one of those weeks.  You know, the weeks where everything that seems simple turns into a total gong show (or a gong show and a half in my case)?  I started a little magnet project for Fin more than 2 weeks ago (sneak peek here).  It was supposed to take an hour.  Well, 2 weeks later and I STILL don't have anything done.  I also started working on the octagon end tables that I picked up an estate sale a few weeks ago.  I figured a couple coats of paint and they'd be done.  Nope.  I made things more difficult than they needed to be, and a week later I am still slapping paint on them.  I seriously hope they turn out in the end or they are just going to the dump.  Add on the fact that Season 4 of Sons of Anarchy was released on Netflix this week, and I'm pretty much a gonner.  Sorry, but Jax Teller wins against octagon end tables every time.  Anyhow, enough about my sad story.  Let's look at some pretty stuff that other people made, shall we?  Click on the photo to visit the seller's site.

You know I'm a sucker for cute art, right?  Well these guys from Barbara Szepusu Szucs Illustrations take the cake.  
I think they'd look so cute framed and hanging up for Christmas.  Christmasy, but not too Christmasy. Know what I mean?

We joke around our house about Fin being a Ninja all the time.  I think she needs some Ninja felted soap as part of her nightly bath time routine.  

This little felted soap mini Ninja from Sapling Naturals is only $7.50, and would make a great stocking stuffer too!

From felted Ninjas to pretty gold jewellery.  I wish I had a better segue, but I just don't.

I'm totally in love with this Forget Me Knot ring from White Fly.  So simple and delicate.  I'm all about simple jewellery, so it's a win in my books. 

Do you have a man in your life who likes offbeat t-shirts? (or maybe you are a man? Do any men actually read this blog?  Speak up if you do...)  I do, and I think he'd love this otter t-shirt from Zen Threads.  

An otter in glasses, a tie and a hat....can't beat it.  

While we are on the topic of ties...I found this tie from Handmade by Emy that I just love. 

Mr. Swell hates ties and only wears them when he absolutely has to.  But maybe for that once a year occasion than he has to don one, I can suggest this one.  I love that it can tie in so many colours (pun totally intended).  

And lastly, I'll leave you with another awesome piece of art. 

I don't know what it is, but something about doors just makes me so happy.  When I went to Ireland a few years ago I was most excited to see all the coloured doors.  I had seen them in posters and couldn't wait to see all the cute houses with bright doors. Am I alone in my door fascination? Or are there other door loves out there?  In any case, I think this door photo from bialaKura Photography is pretty swell.

Hope you are having a great week!  Is your house inundated with Halloween candy?  Fin looked so cute in her costume.  Once I get organized I'll be sure to post some pictures.

28 Sep 2012

Everything Etsy - September 2012

Yikes! I said I was going to do a roundup of my favourite Etsy goods every month, and it's already the end of September.  Umm...where did September go?  I can't believe how fast time flies when you have a kid - yet another thing nobody told me before she arrived!

Here are my favourite Etsy finds this month.  Trust me, I don't just throw this list together.  These are actual items that I have on my favourites list and would love to have all for myself.  Click on the picture to open the seller's site.

This goat watercolour print from Splodgepodge makes me smile.  Doesn't he just look so smug?  Goats are kind of smug though, aren't they?

Do you still read real books? And by real books, I mean the ones that are actually printed on paper and require a bookmark.  If so, I bet you could use a super fun bookmark from My Bookmark.  Aren't these a kick? (yes...that bad joke was totally intentional).  This shop has some really fun legs including Santa legs, sexy legs and even zombie legs.  Would make a great stocking stuffer....if you are organized enough to start Christmas shopping in September (I am NOT).

How about some unique gift wrap?  This isn't the stuff that you find at Wal-Mart or the dollar store. This gift wrap from Placed is made in Ireland, but can be shipped anywhere.  I love pretty gift wrap.  And just in case I wasn't dorky enough already, when I was a kid, my Mom and I took a gift wrapping course.  Ya, that's right - you are reading the words of an almost professional wrapper. It might be a bit of a splurge, but it would also look great lining a drawer (in case you haven't had the opportunity to take a wrapping course and become almost professional).  

I am not a huge jewellery wearer.  I usually wear my wedding ring and one other piece - either earrings or a necklace.  If it's an earring and a necklace day then it's extra special.  I just love this necklace from Midwest Alchemy.  It's somehow simple but still complex.  It's rustic but still girly.  Just love.  

And lastly, there are these antique letter press letters from Monki Vintage.  I have to admit, I am not a huge holiday decorator.  I'll get into a bit, but usually just like a few things here and there.  I don't overhaul my house for autumn or Halloween.  First, I don't have anywhere to store many seasonal items and second, I am just too lazy to take everything out and put it away.  Honestly.  But, I could totally deal with these letters.  I think they'd look so cute on our little entry way table.  I could maybe even deal with adding a few stretched out cotton balls for cobwebs.

So there you have it, my wish list for September.  Any favourites you'd like to share? Any recent Etsy purchases?

7 Sep 2012

How About A Nice Hot Bowl of Steaming Peas?

This is the story of a sad little stool.  A stool that was abandoned on the back alley 3 doors down.  A stool that I decided could come live in our garage for a while.  It was sad because it was ugly.  Ugly, stained, and stuck in the 80s.

It wanted a makeover....desperately.  It practically begged me.

So, it was carefully disassembled and its legs were given a couple coats of hammered black spray paint (leftover from our kitchen cabinet handles).

Then its ugly green corduroy cover was ripped off with authority and tossed in the garbage bin.

It was time for a new cover.  But what would that be?  A vintage dry green pea sack ordered off Etsy of course!  If you follow me on Facebook, you saw how Diefenbaker was also quite fond of the pea sack.

Who wouldn't want a steaming hot bowl of peas from Little Red Riding Hood.  The little stool would!

Diefenbaker was sad to see his pea sack being cut up.  He had to look away.

After a little stretching and stapling (and some corner fanangling) everything was in place.

The last thing this little stood needed was his legs back.

And then his makeover was complete.

He was happy to no longer be in the back alley, and to instead sit in a freshly organized mud room.

And to provide a perfect perch for the Princess of the house.

Ok, in all that not the funniest look ever. That kid totally cracks me up!

We needed a stool that Fin could sit on while we put her shoes on, and this one fit the bill perfectly.  Even better that it was free.  The only cost was the sack, which I ordered off of Etsy for $14.25 including shipping.  A little bit of a splurge...but I couldn't pass up the lady and her peas.

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6 Aug 2012

Everything Etsy

Are you addicted to Etsy as much as I am?  I actually think I enjoy perusing Etsy more than Pinterest these days.  I love it when I am searching for something specific, but it's even better when I just pick a category and browse the thousands of listings.  I can seriously waste a whole baby nap (when I should be doing much more important things like cleaning the bathroom) just perusing. Just in case you aren't as sucked in as I am, I thought I'd share some of the things that I am currently coveting.  Since I am so obsessed, and my 'favourites' folder in Etsy is overflowing, I think I'll try and make this a monthly feature. Will that be ok??? Click on the pictures below to be taken to the Etsy listing.

Maps are all the rage right now.  I haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, but this modern abstract map from ArtPause is on my hit list of things to order soon.  The best part is that it's only $25 for an 18" x 24" print!

Map of the World Map Abstract Painting, Art Print, 18x24 inch (904)

I love this little poster from handz.  I think I could design a whole new room for Fin based off of this poster alone. Maybe it's special to me because I had my own set of babushkas in my room growing up.

Inspirational quote print, Russian Doll art print poster, children, matryoshka, love print, nursery art, You are beautiful inside and out A3

Space chimp on a vintage dictionary page from collageOrama??? Yes please! 'Nuff said.

Space Chimp Astronaut Chimpanzee in helmet illustration beautifully upcycled dictionary page book art print

Katie Daisy artwork is my obsession du jour.  I stalk her site almost daily to see if there is anything new. I want this guy in our kitchen...I just have to find a tiny bit of free wall space for it first!

8 x 10 Wild Air

We've already established that maps are the rage, and I am loving this Canada pillow from Nicole Tarasick.  You know us Canadians...we are proud to live here and like to show it!

Map of Canada Pillow Cover in Grey Twill

How about you? Any favourite Etsy finds as of late?

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