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8 Aug 2012

Curtain Call

Original title...I know.  I'll take title suggestions if you have any....after a long weekend of project upon project, it's all I have left.  The curtains are all hung now, and I am going to take a few days of break from the kitchen.  We've been going steady on kitchen projects for a few weeks and I need a mental kitchen break.  I'll be honest, I had a bit of freak out on the weekend that the kitchen wasn't turning out as I had envisioned.  Once the vintage car curtains went up, it all just felt a bit too country for my liking. I liked each piece individually, but together things weren't jiving.  It's hard to explain. I liked it....just not for me. I am not country. Vintage. Yes. A bit quirky sometimes. Yes. Country. No. We don't have a lot of natural wood in the rest of the house, and maybe I was just feeling a bit overwhelmed with the new table and the new side tables (you'll catch a glimpse of one of them below...the other one is just about ready for staining - they'll get their own post down the road).  In the end, I regrouped and I think I have a solution to de-country the kitchen (it involves more painting!). First world problem...I know.

Anyhow, let's look at the curtains, shall we?

As I have previously mentioned, I ordered the fabric from Tonic Living.  Since this is a budget revamp, I only ordered 3 yards of each, and then used half the width of the fabric for each panel.  They are skinnier than the average drapery panel, but they still work.  Luckily the salvage edge was well done, so I didn't even hem that edge.  I just hemmed the one side and the top and bottom using iron on hem tape.  I don't own a sewing machine, so the iron tape was an easy answer.

If you remember back to the dining area plan of attack, I did think at the beginning that I would do a roman shade on this window.  That was still the plan, right up until it came time to sew it (with my Mom's sewing machine).  The pattern was just too much for a roman shade and it was too busy for me. So, roman shade nixed and drapery panels instead.

I purposely made the dining area curtains a little shorter than I normally would.  I wanted to make sure that when drinks spill (which they do...and will continue to) that the curtains wouldn't be sitting in a puddle of milk (or red wine).

I also ordered 3 meters of coordinating avocado green fabric and made a set of curtains for the mud room.

The plan is to add a small stool or bench in front of the curtains so that when winter comes, the muddy boots don't touch the curtains.  I am sure they will still get dirty being so close to the doors, and for that exact reason I bought cotton twill that will be easy to wash and toss in t he dryer. 

Both rods are the same, and are from The Home Depot.  They are called Vintage Door Knob by Martha Stewart.  They were a bit of a splurge at $40 each, but I love them and really wanted something chunky, and these fit the bill perfectly.

 Here's how the kitchen and mudroom are looking today.

I still plan to do some sort of valance above the sink.  I had planned to use the vintage vehicle fabric, but I think I will live with these curtains for a while and see how I'm feeling in a few weeks.  Once I add a few more elements to de-country it, I might be more inclined to upholster the valance in cars.

5 Apr 2012

A Dog & His Bed: A Love Story

Our dog Diefenbaker has the best human Grandma around.  Dief's usually a bit of a grumpy old man and growls at everyone walking by, but when he sees my Mom pull up his tail starts flapping (usually knocking over numerous items) and he starts drooling - he just can't contain his excitement.  In his eyes, she is is his bestie. 

Dief is also a bed destroyer. He paws at his beds to get the stuffing just right and in the process usually rips holes in his bed. We've been through quite a few beds in his time.  There are two problems with beds for Great Danes:
1. They are stupid expensive (usually over $100 expensive)
2. They are all ugly.  I refuse to have an ugly bed in our (almost) redecorated living room.

I had some fabric left over from a project that we ended up scraping, and my Mom was kind enough to make a bed for Dief with it. When he came home from doggy daycare (don't judge) the other day his bed was waiting for him.  

Initially he was a little scared of it (as he is of most things).....

Then he grew a bit braver....

And then he just gave into the fluffiness that was calling his name.....

He's pretty much been like this now for 4 days straight. He gets up to eat and poop and then he goes right back on his bed. He's a dog in love....with his bed and his grandma.

My Mom was kind enough to write out her instructions so that you can make one too...

XL Dog Bed Instructions

About 1 hour to measure, cut and sew.  Fight with threading the serger for an hour as well!

Cut 1 piece of fabric 52 x 40 (A), cut 2 pieces 40 x 37 (B & C), keeping the pattern going the same direction.

Layout out (A) with pattern side up.  Layout (B) with pattern side down.  Fold the short side of (B) back over itself 12 inches. Layout (C) pattern side down.

Place (B) on top of (A) aligning the 40 sides. The fold should now be on the half way mark of (A).

Keeping (C) face down, place it on top of (A) and (B), covering the exposed pattern.

*sorry folks, that box to the right should say 'A is underneath' - somehow the 'underneath' disappeared when I transferred it into Blogger.

Serge or sew the two 52 sides together and one end of the 40 side.  Turn everything right side out and sew the last 40 side on the right side.  Fold over 1 and again 1, towards the back, and top stitch the edge.  Top stitch the other 40 side so they match.

It will look like a pillow sham. 

Insert 4 regular pillows and your dog will be in doggie heaven.

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