31 May 2012

Glammed Up Flower Pots

Hello, my name is Kelly and I am a spray paint-aholic.  Spray Painters Anonymous anyone?  I am obsessed.....nothing in our house is safe from me and my cans of spray paint.

I have quite a few outdoor pots, but they are all different colours and no longer go with what we have going on color wise on the outside of our house.  Since they were good sizes and shapes I didn't want to throw them out.  Armed with two cans of spray paint it was time to revive my old pots.

Here's what I started with.

I really  liked the green pot, but I wanted to add a bit of navy blue so that it would tie in with our window boxes and newly painted front door.  I decided stripes would work, so I used some painter's tape to tape off a pattern.  Nothing fancy - I just winged it.

Once it was taped I applied a couple of thin coats of Valspar Navy Blue spray paint. I love, love, love Valspar spray paint. If only we had a Lowes that was closer to our house.....

After about 20 minutes the paint was dry and I peeled off the tape.  The lines aren't super sharp as the tape was having a hard time sticking to the shiny pot, but I am really happy with how the pattern turned out.

My next victim was the little red pot, which I decided to spray paint metallic gold (the same Valspar paint I used on the gold dipped coasters).  What a difference from the red.

Even Diefenbaker liked it.

While I was sitting on the deck waiting for the paint to dry I noticed this little frog that I had sitting in the corner.  One of my friends gave it to me a while back (when I was still looking for my prince) and it' has moved with me from house to house.  Isn't he cute?

He was cute before, but wouldn't he look better gold?

Yup - better gold.

I had some petunias left over from all the planting I did a few weeks ago so I popped them in the freshly painted pots.

God I love spray paint!

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