25 May 2012

Gold Dipped Drink Coasters

DIY Gold Dipped Drink Coasters 

I apologize for jumping around in the posts over the past few weeks - from the office to the front yard and back to the office.  I had fully intended to show you the flowers in the front, but it has been raining for two days and I haven't been able to get any decent pictures.  The rain has provided me with a good excuse to do another project for the office. If the weather improves I should have part 3 of the Curb Appeal saga ready to go in a few days.

One thing that I was really nervous about when we picked out the wooden desktop for the office was that it would easily stain.  I am a magnet for pens exploding, drinks spilling and Sharpie pens without lids scribbling where they aren't supposed to.  We took an extra precaution and coated the wood with poly, but I was still nervous about putting my hot coffee mugs right on the wooden surface - I didn't want my beautiful desk to have mug rings on it.  I was in need of some coasters.

Time to get my craft on.....

We had some square white tiles hanging around that the previous home owners had left us, and I had a brand new can of Valspar metallic gold spray paint that I couldn't wait to use.  So with just 4 tiles, painter's tape, spray paint and some felt pads, I set about to make myself some new coasters.  The process is really quite simple, so I'll let the pictures below speak for themselves.  The gold paint is awesome -  it's very shiny and reflective.  And if you noticed that I went from 4 coasters to 3, you aren't imagining things....I wrecked one during the drying process.  Impatient me.

White square tiles

tile with painter's tape

Taped tiles

Valspar Gold Brilliant Metal

white tile painted with valspar gold

peeling off the tape

Gold Dipped Coasters

Felt Pads
Gold Dipped Tile Coasters

Even though I wrecked one, I am really very happy with how they turned out. They are the perfect size for my big coffee mugs and give just a little bit of bling to the office space.  Everyone needs office bling, right? 

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