15 May 2012

Is That A Magazine File I Just Roped In?

Rope Trimmed and Painted Ikea Magazine Files 

Now that I have the Expedit shelving units and the custom stenciled desk for the new office, I am desperately in need of some storage. We have paper everywhere and I totally hate looking at it. I keep bills from years back, and for some reason can't get rid of them - you never know when you're going to have to look back and see what your electricity bill was in November of 2009! It's strange - I am well aware. Mr. Swell reminds me how strange I am every time he sees me filing a bill.  Anyhow, since the new desk doesn't have any drawers I need a place to 'store' all of the paper.

I really wanted rattan magazine files, but they were $9 each at Ikea. I need at least 4, and there was no way in hell that I was spending $40 just to store old bills. Next I looked at the wood version, but even they were $6.50 each. The cheapest ones in all of Ikea were the crap white cardboard ones at $2.99 for 5. The price won me over and I headed home with 5 U-G-L-Y magazine files. 

White Ikea Magazine File

Obviously I couldn't just keep them white. White cardboard on a white shelf would be very faux paux. I decided I would paint them. I had no idea if it would work or not, but I didn't have much to lose for $2.99.  

When I painted the lacey end table a few weeks ago I used Behr's Indian Dance to test out a coral color. It turned out a little too peachy, and I wasn't keen on using it in abundance throughout the office. I got on twitter one day and tweeted Behr paints asking them for suggestions. It still totally astounds me that these big companies answer little ol' me. I'm totally flabbergasted every time I see that my question didn't just go off into the social media wasteland. The lovely folks at Behr suggested using either Fiery Red or Juicy Passion Fruit. Both were a little more on the pink side than Indian Dance was.  So, back to Home Depot I went to pick up another small test pot - this time in Fiery Red. 

I painted 3 coats of paint onto each magazine file. The white cardboard totally sucked up the paint so I could re coat in just a few minutes. Apparently my camera doesn't do too well with the Fiery Red colour. I tried a bunch of different lighting and locations, but they still look more orange in the pictures than they really are. 

Painted Magazine Files - Fiery Red by Behr

I had some sisal roping left over from wrapping the desk legs and decided to add a little somethin'-somethin' by trimming them out in rope.  

Magazine file wtih rope edging

Rope Trimmed Ikea Magazine Files

They are definitely bright! But since it's only 4 magazine files (one bit the dust while I was trying to put it together....clearly I didn't follow the pictorial Ikea instructions), I figured it was ok to be bold.

Rop Trimmed Ikea Magazine Files on Expedit Shelving Unit


  1. So simple and so creative! I really like how you jazzed them up, the orange was a great pick!
    (Seen on Ikea Hackers)

    1. Thanks very much. I appreciate you stopping by!


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