17 May 2012

Office Odds & Ends

We've been working away at a few small touches to the office area.  Each one on its own is too small to warrant its own post, so here's a round up of all of the small stuff to date.

The new family member.

iMac in Office

We welcomed this new baby into our lives this week and couldn't be happier. The old computer was on its last leg and was driving us both crazy with how slow it was. We figured we'd better get a new one before the old one completely gave out and we were without a computer (gasp - how would we survive??).  The new iMac looks so much better on the stencilled desk than the black PC did.  The old computer is now hooked up to the TV.  It's probably only going to get used to rent iTunes movies, which doesn't happen very often in our house since sitting on the couch for 2 hours at a time is about as rare as a nun in a bikini.

Once the legs were on the new desk and everything was in place, we used a couple  of brackets to secure the desk to the back wall.  The heavy desktop and the el cheapo $4 legs made the desk a little wobbly and we were worried that if Fin decided to start climbing it, that it might fall on her. Now that it's secured it doesn't move at all.

Desk Brackets 

The wobbling problem was solved by attaching the desk to the wall, but it also posed a new problem that we didn't think about. Cords. Obviously we should have thought of this since almost every electronic device has a cord, but we were so excited about the new furniture that it slipped our minds.  Mr. Swell and his awesome new 18V Milwaukee drill to the rescue.  He used a hole saw on his drill to make the hole while I stood there with my fingers crossed that it would work!  Thankfully it did work and it drilled a beautiful new hole.  He then bought a little insert at The Home Depot to cover the unfinished edges and make it look all professional and such.

Cord Hole

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Urban Barn advertising 50% off their already reduced merchandise. Woo hoo. We made a family trip to Urban Barn the next day and picked up this painting for $25. Can you believe it? $149 reduced to $49 and then another 50% off.  It's even by a Canadian artist and each one is hand painted and unique. It's not at all what I was thinking off for the space when I first started (check out the original mood board here), but I love it, and for $25 it was even cheaper than DIYing my own canvas art.

Art in Office

On my way home from work one day I stopped at the grocery store to pick up dinner and stumbled upon this guy.

Office Accessories 

Isn't he cute? He's made of plastic and is as light as a feather, even though he looks very substantial and heavy.  The best part is that he was only $14. I still can't believe that I found him at the grocery store. He's sitting on some old National Geographic books that I found out in our garage that Mr. Swell was going to donate.

On Mother's Day we went over to my Mom's house for lunch and she surprised me with a gift. A gift from my Mom on Mother's Day - how awesome.  It was this cute little mama and baby owl.  I am sure it is supposed to be outside in the garden, but you know how I like to defy the rules (haha, so not true...I am very square).

Mama & Baby Owl

And last but not least, I picked up these 2 wire thingies at the Salvation Army for $1.99. I have absolutely no idea what they are, but I figured I'd find a use. My original plan was to spray paint them gold, but when I put them on the shelving unit I decided that I actually liked them black.  Mr. Swell thinks they need a candle or something in them, but I hate having candles around that I can't light and the space in the shelving unit is too small for a lit candle. So I have them empty for now. What do you think? Any other ideas of what I can do with them?

Office Accessories 2

Next up in the office is a few bigger art projects to fill the side walls and a new desk chair.  If you have checked out the facebook page lately, you'll know that I attempted to spray paint our old blue office chair and it did not go well. I am back to stalking Kijiji daily to try and find a chair on the cheap. For now we are using a kitchen chair.

Here's a quick picture recap of where we started and how the office is looking so far.

Office Space in Basement

Office mid way finished

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