4 May 2012

Pretty Paper Posies

I showed off my favourite room in our house a few days ago, but after I looked at all of the pictures I decided that Fin's tree could use a bit of a spring pick-me-up in the form of some flowers.

Tree Wall Decal

I searched the Internet for inspiration, and waffled between making fabric flowers or crepe paper rosettes but nothing was really screaming at me to get my craft on. Then I found this tutorial for paper flowers from Thrifty & Chic.  White printer paper - Check.  Scissors - Check.  Glue - Check.  I had everything I needed to whip these guys up - it's very rare that happens.  A free craft. I love it!

Mr. Swell and I sat down to watch Contraband (can't get enough of Marky Mark) one night after Fin went to bed and I started cutting and assembling flowers.  I have to say, the juxtaposition in our house that night was quite something.  Lots of guns, swearing and killing on the TV and there I was making some very pretty flowers for my baby girl - the oddness of it hit me a few times that evening. 

I won't go in to the whole how-to on these flowers - if you'd like the step-by-step instructions please visit Thrifty & Chic. They are ridiculously easy to make but are a bit time consuming. Every time I thought I had enough petals I ended up having to cut more.  Here's how my flowers looked:

Paper Flowers

Since the craft was free so far, I didn't want to go out and buy anything for the middle part of the flowers. Mr. Swell suggested cotton  balls (he's brilliant like that sometimes), so I went with it. I tore cotton balls in half and then rolled them around in my hands to make them into a tighter ball. Then I used the glue gun to attach them to the centre of each flower.

I liked them white, but I couldn't shake the idea that they needed just a little something more. Spray paint to the rescue.  I had some gold left over from the elephant book ends, so I went out to the garage and gave the flowers a quick coat of paint.  

Freshly Spray Painted Paper Flowers

Much better.  Every girl needs some gold bling in her room, right? 

I didn't want to make holes in the wall so I used double sided tape to stick each flower onto the tree.  And then just sort of randomly stuck them on.  

Paper Posies on Tree Wall Decal

DIY Paper Posies

Free Paper Flowers on a Wall Decal

Fin seems to love her new flowers (I've already had to move one further away from the change table and out of her reach).  I love that they were FREE!

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  1. THAT is cool!!!!!!!
    P.S. I LOVE the tree too


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