11 Jul 2012

A Little Girl Turns One

I cannot believe it....we are parents to a one year old. What?  When did that happen?  How. time. flies.

Our little girl has forever changed our lives and we cannot wait to watch her grow up. She has such a big personality for a little girl, and although I am sure we are going to have our hands full, I have a feeling that she is also going to provide us with much laughter and tonnes of love over the next few years.

Saturday was a gorgeous Alberta day.  +30 degrees (Celsius) and not a cloud in the sky.  It was a great day for a party.  

We packed everything up in the car and headed to the hall to start setting up while Fin was having a nap (or body slamming herself in her crib like she likes to do while she is supposed to be napping) at my Mom's house.  The plan was to have an hour and half to get everything set up before the guest of honour and all of our friends and family arrived.  


You know how things never go according to plan, right?


The key to the hall didn't work.  

I had a bit of a meltdown (along with the iced cupcakes).  What were we going to do?  The car was loaded, the people were on their way and we had nowhere to have a party. Tailgate party anyone?  I made the decision that we'd just have the party outside on the picnic tables and that it would be no big deal (heck, people could pee in the bushes, right?).  But no sooner than I made the decision, Mr. Swell found someone to open the hall for us.  (Thank you Starbucks wifi for allowing us to send out an email to everyone and their dog!).  

Crisis averted.

We got into the hall and at least now had access to a sink, fridge and bathroom, but we only had about 20 minutes left to set everything up.  I had a grand plan of showing you every detail of the party on this here blog....but....since I was running around like a mad woman I hardly had any time to take pictures.  Once the party started I really wanted to hang out with our friends and family and not worry about taking pictures - so that's what I did.

So without further adieu, here's what I did manage to capture.

We asked everyone to bring an item for Fin's time capsule.  I haven't seen everything that is in there, but from what I did manage to see, there is some pretty cool stuff.  I hope she is as excited about it as when she is 18 as I am going to be!

It's tradition in our family for the birthday girl to have an ice cream cone.  Since Fin's birthday is in the middle of the summer, I was worried that an ice cream cone was going to melt all over the place too fast.  Instead of ice cream, I baked these cupcake ice cream cones - they are cake inside the cone.

Waiting patiently for some cake.

She really liked rubbing the cake in the grass - gross!

The little guest favours.  Each bag was filled with 3 home made animal cookies.

 I'll leave you with this little still shot sequence.....oh, to be a kid again!


How about you? Any birthday party traditions that you'd like to share?  Have a neat time capsule idea?


  1. Terry Gibson7/11/2012 10:28 am

    This is really special Kelly! Well done! Your love for life and enthusiasm comes through clearly!

  2. Thank you! Too bad you couldnt make it.

  3. Hi Kelly, it was so sweet and girly , just beautiful for a beautiful little girl!!

    ANd, about the mason jars, yes, I sprayed blah paint on the outside, let it dry, sprayed with the colour I wanted, waited to dry and sanded a lot, to show the black through and to fade the shine, I wanted it not glossy at all:0)

    THANKS for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, much appreciated!

  4. Hi Kelly! i did not paint the inside, only the outside, first with the black...

    Ah and thank you sooooo much for your tip on the no reply thing...amazing, but just TODAY I was thinking about fixing that and did not know how, now I know!!
    Ps wher is your following feature? Wanna follow your blog 0:)


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