4 Nov 2012

Halloween 2012

Ok, I know that I am totally and completely  biased, but man my kid was cute for Halloween.  I used to hate Halloween. Dressing up just isn't for me.  Then I had a baby and it all changed.  Now I get to dress someone else up.  How much fun is that?  So much more fun than getting all the gear on myself.

Isn't she just the cutest little piece of shrimp sushi that you have ever seen?

Yes, Fin was Sushi for Halloween this year.  Little 'grass' tutu and all.  My Mom kept joking that I couldn't have picked a clown or a ghost.  Oh no, I had to pick something strange.  I admit that Sushi is a little bit out there, but you know I can't just go with the norm.  And besides, there wasn't a single other piece of sushi that I saw wandering the streets on Halloween night.  

In my defence, Fin won't wear a single thing on her head.  Not a hat, headband or helmet.  Do you know how many kids costumes have headgear?  Almost every single last one. I needed to find something that  didn't have a hood and was easy to take on and off a million times.

The costume was a combined effort between my Mom and I.  I had seen a similar costume on Google Images, and then just kind of ran with it and made it our own.  I bought a cheap white shirt from Old Navy and then cut out the shrimp and nori band from felt that I picked up at Michael's.  I had originally planned to just use iron on transfer stuff to stick the felt on, but it kept falling off when the shirt was stretched.  My Mom came to the rescue and sewed the decals on for me (I don't sew).   The little ginger and wasabi rosettes I made using some fat quarter fabric that I picked up for super cheap.  I had planned to sew them on, but then changed my mind at the last minute and just pinned them (which was good because I had to wash the costume multiple times after she wore it).  My Mom made the little 'grass' tutu, which I think made the costume (even if some people thought she was a princess).

At the last minute I decided she also needed a cute little trick-or-treat bag, so made this one by just cutting out felt and hot gluing the pieces onto a plain white bag.

Unfortunately Halloween night was really cold around here, and all the snow we had made it pretty slippery.  We did manage to make it to 3 houses before Fin decided that the candy wasn't really worth it.

I just love that 'grass' tutu, although she wasn't a huge fan of sitting on all of the tulle!

Hope you and your family had a great Halloween.  Any good stories?  Do you have a kid that refuses to wear hats? I could use some suggestions on how to convince her to, because she's going to need to this winter.


  1. And p.s. - needed to pop in and say how much I liked Fins costume. So cute & very creative!

    I know I didnt see sushi from the felt pieces you posted earlier.

    And the little soy sauce bag - also a great touch. Reminds me of the Kikkoman bottles.

    -Erica F

    1. I was originally going to make a Kikkoman bottle, but cutting out the letter just seemed too time consuming at the time! Thanks for the comment.


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